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Washington State Ferries

Students from the IDeX Studio will demonstrate how sustainable and low impact development design techniques can be incorporated at four of Washington State's ferry terminals.

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traffic and smog
roof-top garden

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Sustainability, or meeting our needs without compromising the lives and lifestyles of future generations, promises to be the biggest challenge of the 21st century. Take part in the challenge.

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ISD Faculty Opening

The ISD program at Washington State University invites applications for a permanent 9-month tenure track faculty position in sustainability engineering at the main Pullman, WA, campus.

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IDX joins students from engineering, the allied design disciplines and user groups to develop sustainable solutions for the built environment. Visit the IDX STUDIO

ISD Member Highlight

Dr. Liv Haselbach is receiving recognition for her role in sustainability education.

Video - McGraw-Hill Research Foundation
WSU News story

Low Impact Development

Site development and engineering design to manage stormwater, emphasizing conservation and use of on-site natural features to protect water quality.

Sustainable Transportation

Solutions to provide environmentally responsible mobility to facilitate the needs of our state and nation.

Green Buildings

New concepts for buildings that enable our societal needs while minimizing our use of resources. Design that utilizes, rather than battles climatic forces. Clean technologies that enable renewable and safe energy and materials.

The ISD will serve as a resource for architecture, engineering and construction firms throughout the country, as well as well as for building regulatory organizations.

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The Institute for Sustainable Design brings together faculty, undergraduate and graduate students, design professionals, manufacturers, and suppliers in a stimulating, interactive environment that will serve as a model for how academia and industry can solve societal problems of sustainability.

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